Peja Stojakovic

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Patrick Willis

7x Probowler
3x All pro

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Donald Butler

“Can't say enough about Dr. Anders!! Not only is he extremely knowledgeable but is thorough in diagnosis and passionate about helping his clients. Helped me for years as a professional athlete and continues to help me work through a variety of issues from my neck/spine to soft tissue work as well. If looking for someone who can help you understand your body better, tailor a program to fit your specific needs and improve your overall health and wellness, look no further!”

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Jenson Brooksby

“Dr. Anders has been very helpful with treating my injuries when necessary, and helping my body to recover from the daily stress of tennis. I appreciate his help, and it has been an important part to keep my body healthy every match.”

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Colin Altamirano

“Dr. Anders has been hugely beneficial for my bodies health. Allowing me to push myself physically to new levels in my training, while being able to implement great recovery and treatment modalities. The balance of strengthening and recovery has greatly impacted my overall performance.”


Ravi Ramachandran MD

“I worked with Dr. Anders for several months in a physical therapy, conditioning and training capacity. As a fellowship trained orthopedic spine surgeon, I can say with confidence that his knowledge of biomechanics and safe, effective physical conditioning is second to none - I highly recommend his services.”

Dr. Alex Anders is not only a fantastic doctor, he is also a great person. Alex has a great amount of intelligence and practice that has helped me through severe injuries. Without his help I don’t know if I would be playing tennis again. Not only has Dr. Anders helped me recover, he has also kept me in shape ready to return to tennis. Dr. Anders has lots of experience, and if i’m ever hurting he is the guy I go to!
— Caroline Crowley