At Synergy we promote nutrition practices for a healthy sustainable lifestyle to enhance recovery, optimize training, and improve performance.

In order to optimize the potential of chiropractic treatment one must live a healthy lifestyle which includes proper sleep, nutrition, hydration, and positive mental attitude. Proper nutrition is vital in maintaining proper health of the musculoskeletal, and nervous system. This is even more important when recovering from an injury or trying to maximize ones performance. A body that is feed a proper whole food diet can can more readily utilize it macro-nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals to maintain and rebuilt the tissues of the body. These same tissues are responsible for conducting nervous system impulses and allowing the body to function efficiently and at a high level.

Many people do not have the proper knowledge to maintain a healthy sustainable diet. We are constantly inundated with foods that are packed with fillers, preservatives, and highly processed which ultimately contribute to poor health outcomes.

Nutrition, chiropractic, and fitness are very tightly interwoven to the point at which the slightest changes in your nutrition can alter your results or hinder your performance. These details are vital when seeing a chiropractor to recover from a spinal injury. Any excess weight will add more stress to the spine, and the lack of proper support of the musculoskelatal system can prevent results or further worsen the condition.